辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN

House (Private Residence)

House for children


Work House for children


Site area(㎡) 488.47
Floor area㎡) 149.38


Completion 2008

SUZUTSUNE Building Contructor


Solar System SOYOKAZE


By introducing a passive solar system that uses solar heat called "breeze", it is a house that uses natural energy as much as possible to encourage children who will bear the future to be aware of the environment.


Customer’s voice

After getting married, I lived in an apartment even after my first child was born, but when I got pregnant with my second child and went to kindergarten, I started thinking about building a house. At first I thought I would ask a house maker, but all the house maker's houses looked the same and I didn't feel like building one. Originally, I was taken care of by Mr. Tomoko Ma, the wife of Mr. Henmi, who is in charge of the "Mother and Child Support Room Magokoro", so I decided to consult with Mr. Henmi about building a house.
Mr. Henmi puts the first priority on "building a house for children", and fully incorporates the lifestyle of our family, whose husband tends to be away from home due to her profession, into the plan. Thank you.
A family where her husband prays to his two sons and the shrine on work days to avoid injury, and when her husband is at home, the child runs around in a large living room and a lush garden. I am enjoying the life of a group.