辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN


A collection of works of stores, offices, public facilities, general buildings, and special facilities.

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Higashi-Shirakawa Forest Association Office

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Futaba Future School

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Wind of bloom

Read more: 作楽

Architect Office SAKURA

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Lifelong Learning Center KIRARI in Nakajima-village

Read more: あおき小峰園

Aoki Komine-en Funeral Hall

Read more: コモンプレイス鳳文

Commonplace Ohbun

Read more: みなみ歯科

Minami Dental Clinic

Read more: もったいない図書館

Mottainai Library

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Read more: 鮫川定住促進住宅


Read more: 西郷一中体育館

Nishigo Daiichi Junior High School Gymnasium

Read more: 棚倉町保健福祉センター

Tanakura-machi Health and Welfare Center

Read more: 南中学校

Minami Junior High School

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Shirakawa-Higashi Junior High School