辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN


SAKURAFind delight in creating at 蔵-KURA- the place weaves the history.
Our architect office "作楽-SAKURA-".

Hemmi Sekkei was established here in Shirakawa, FUKUSHIMA JP also known as a historical castle town and produced many works since 1991. In 2010, we renovated rice granary which is over 110 years old to our office, and renamed to "作楽-SAKURA-" *作=Create 楽=Enjoy. Overcome the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake 3.11, and pass our works down the generations as a base of creating. We create satisfaction not only for our clients but also local communities through the architecture. Pursue ideals, exercise sensibility, intelligence and humanity with enjoying the whole process to the fullest extent,
This concept serves as 作楽's guiding principle and thought.

歴史を紡ぐ蔵で、作ることを楽しむ。 米蔵を改築した建築設計事務所「作楽(さくら)」

Stay considerate, and we propose design like your mindscape.

Design a building is, so to speak design a space. Create the place where people gather, talk and live. We keep that in mind always. The good old Japanese tradition, wisdom, creative ideas for against natural disasters, characteristic of materials, climate, we merge them together and design one and only in the world for you with our refined skills and design.



Mitsuo HEMMIChairman

Born in Tamachi Shirakawa-city. His family run a cozy restaurant named "DENGAKU-SHOKUDO" in the same area where Mitsuo grew up. Mitsuo takes delight in the designing and seeks approach for rebuilt and revitalize the local communities through the architecture. Mitsuo produced many works mainly in Fukushima including his own office "作楽-SAKURA-".
Fukushima Housing Design Competition: Grand Prize
Fukushima Cultural Architect Award: Excellence Award etc.


・Principal Architect
・Nature Observation Instructor / A Member of Japanese Native Honeybee Society
・BE in Nihon University, Department of Architecture
・Shirakawa City Office Woker
・1991 Established HEMMI Mitsuo Sekkei-shitsu

Mitsuo Hemmi