辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN

House (Private Residence)

House with the light court


Work House with the light court


Site area(㎡) 663.96
Floor area㎡) 279.93


Completion 2010

Oba Building Cnstroctor


Solar System SOYOKAZE/Wood stove


It was a flat site in one corner of a sloped road, but by digging up the land from the road that had a feeling of oppression, the road and the site were harmonized, and a rich approach space was created.


Customer’s voice

It was 20 years ago that I first built a house by asking a house maker. At that time, it was built on a limited budget, so it was not enough to think of it as the final home. After purchasing the land for sale near my home, I decided to seriously build a house. From the beginning, I had the option of asking a design office to build a house, but I was afraid that the designer's unique world view would be pushed to the front, so I decided to ask the house maker first.
When building a house with a house maker, the sales staff enthusiastically proposed plans and were able to see various plans, but it was also a fact that I felt that the design ability was unsatisfactory. Therefore, I decided to ask Mr. Henmi, who had been interested in me at the Architects Exhibition before, to propose a plan. Mr. Henmi accepted all the thoughts we wanted for home building, and when I saw him making efforts to realize it, she couldn't help feeling that "this person can be trusted". I couldn't. She responded to the unreasonable request to change the budget during the design and designed the best house on the budget.
We are proud of the three-dimensional effect of the house, which makes good use of the land shape of slopes, and the light garden in the center of the building. I also like the large amount of storage and the ease of migration of the building. Due to the twists and turns, it took about 3 years from the initial plan proposal to the completion of the house, which was a very long time, but I was very satisfied with the house.

Comments from Hemmi Sekkei

I still remember how chilling I was when I first saw Mr. O's land. It was a steep slope and there were steps on the land, so I was excited about how to use this land. As a result, I think that I was able to make a better proposal by devising the location of the parking lot, the entrance, and the kitchen. My husband is very enthusiastic about building a house, and the opinions from my husband are very stimulating for me, and I think I was able to build a fun house.