辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN

House (Private Residence)

To be continued

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Work To be continued


Site area(㎡) 573.78
Floor area㎡) 79.05


Completion 2005

SUZUTSUNE Building Contructor


Thermal Store Floor Heating System


Low-cost housing in the 20 million yen range

By reducing the number of construction works, we have reduced the cost of craftsmen and realized the total construction cost in the 20 million yen range. By reducing storage and fittings as much as possible inside the house, we have reduced expenses related to furniture work and fitting work.


Q. What made you ask the Henmi Design Office?

A. At first, I thought it would be good to be a house maker. However, when I started to move toward building a house in earnest, I began to hear various unconvincing stories. At that time, I started by consulting with my acquaintance Tomoko Henmi (Mitsuo's wife). Then, when we met and talked to them, they clearly answered our questions about the house and flexibly responded to our strict requests. After that, it became a flow to request a design with confidence.


Q. How do you feel with your new house?

A. It's been four months since I moved, but I've made discoveries every day, and I'm convinced that I'm glad I asked the Henmi Design Office. First of all, as a feature of the house, we asked for it at a low cost, so there is almost no partition between rooms. Therefore, the visitor asks, "How do you live?" There are many questions that are particularly concerned about sound problems, but by changing our values, we can now feel that we are connected to our family no matter where we are in the room. Since my child is still small, I feel safe wherever I am, and when I go to work early, I always hear "Welcome". It's very important for a busy family life.
In addition, even with a small floor area, you can feel the expanse of space and there is no feeling of oppression. As it is a studio, you can enjoy a pleasant breeze in the summer and warm up with a pellet stove in the winter. I'm not without anxiety, but I think it's very important to "live".