辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN

Childcare Center

Nakajima Kindergarten


Work Nakajima Kindergarten
Location Nakajima,Nishi shirakawa-gun,FUKUSHIMA
Site area(㎡) 6612.47
Building area(㎡) -
Floor area(㎡) 1469.84
structure/story W/1F
Completion 2005
建築主 Nakajima Village
建築会社 Sanpaku
設備 OM Solar Power


The space is composed of a story, crossing the approach passage that resembles a rainbow bridge from the shuttle bus waiting space that resembles a cloud, and heads for the garden building, which is the dream castle of children. The approach passage continuously represents a structure that applies the principle of magewappa, and is one of the playgrounds for children. "Tenku no Mori" creates a forest in the facility by using it as a pillar with the branches of the fir tree in the park, which children are familiar with on a daily basis. We are proposing a space where children can afford various environments.