辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN

Childcare Center

Towa Childcare center



Towa Childcare center

Location Nihonmatsu-city, FUKUSHIMA
Site area(㎡) 5441.46
Building area(㎡) 1405.86
Floor area(㎡) 1226.13
structure/story W/1F
Completion 2012
建築主 Nihonmatsu-city
建築会社 YAMANI Construction Company
設備 Solar Power/Panel heating and cooling system


In Fukushima Prefecture, where the turmoil has deepened since the earthquake, we aimed to create a facility where children love their hometown. The traditional "Hata Festival (one of Japan's three major festivals)", which has been passed down for 900 years in the Towa district of Nihonmatsu City, is expressed as a strong connection to the children's hometown. Specifically, the five-color array with the motif of Gotanhata at the Hata Festival adds color to the terrace walls, including the approach in the garden. By showing these colors on a daily basis, we will connect history in our memory as the original scenery of the hearts of modern children.
Four years have passed since the earthquake, and spring has come to Towa no Mori, and the natural environment is as normal as ever. Because it is a facility that conveys the importance of life, we must think about "living" while facing the region and nature. It is necessary to have a love for the hometown because it is a difficult time when the earthquake and the nuclear accident continue, and I hope that it will become a children's garden where history is connected to children.