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Childcare Center

Bange Higashi Kindergarten



Bange Higashi Kindergarten

Location Aizubange-machi,FUKUSHIMA
Site area(㎡) 1380
Building area(㎡) -
Floor area(㎡) 1380.17
structure/story W/1F
Completion 2013
建築主 Aizubange-machi
建築会社 IRIYA Construction & Enginnering
設備 Ground Thermal Energy System


As a step toward "growing in the community" and "involved in childcare," we aim to "educate the entire community" by making rice bran bags and polishing the floor together with parents, children, and local volunteers, and the beautiful rural scenery of the Aizu area. The spirit of [Yui] left by the company, the circular idea of using rice culture carefully without any waste, and the time-consuming and time-consuming use of natural materials from the school forest left by the predecessor with gratitude. We propose to pass on to children the "educational town development" that reconsiders important things.