辺見設計|福島県白河市の建築工房「作楽」JP / EN

Childcare Center

Hinooka Childcare center

認定こども園 陽の丘こども園


Hinooka Childcare center

Location Utsunomiya-city,TOCHIGI
Site area(㎡) 6127.87
Building area(㎡) 786.89
Floor area(㎡) 765.58
structure/story W/2F
Completion 2014
建築主 Kaiyosya
建築会社 MOTOSHIGE Construction Company
設備 Solar Power


As part of the education that seems to be watched over by big trees, the main building expresses cedar logs, which are the forest trees of the forest park as a part of natural education, in each nursery room as the structure of the garden. The continuous three-dimensional truss beam material rhythmically stimulates children's sensibilities and creates an open and calm educational environment. We aim to create a second home for children who spend their days surrounded by warm trees, which are natural materials. In addition, as a mechanism to feel the light and wind, we aimed to create a garden building that works on children's sensibilities as much as possible, such as using stained glass and solar heat.